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At Imoni Events, our weddings feel as good as they look

Full Service Planning


We get to know you, design an event personalized for you, find perfectly matched vendors to bring the plan to life, and take care of everything on your special day.


Receive a customized checklist for your wedding weekend with all the to-do's that we will complete throughout the planning process, but don't worry we will walk you through all of these step by step to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Budget Management

We will provide a custom budget worksheet outlining all of your estimated expenses with a number you're comfortable with. We will manage all your contracts and payments along the way.

Vendor Selection

We will assemble your dream team of premium vendors that have been highly vetted based on your style, personality, and budget.

Design Plan

We provide you with a customized design plan that functions as good as it looks. Each of our events are unique to our clients. Weddings are extremely personal and it's important that each event feels uniquely yours. After all, that's what a wedding day is all about!

Custom Timeline

You will receive a personalized timeline outlining every detail of your wedding weekend from start to finish. You will always know what is happening next and can easily share this document with bridal parties and family, so everyone knows what's happening and where to be!

Elevated Execution

After all the planning has been done, it's time to execute your vision! Our team will be the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. We are all highly trained and ready to problem solve any issues that arise without you ever even knowing.

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What you can expect

seamless logistics & refined design

We will work in harmony with you to refine details both large and small that feels entirely your own.

Vendor Curation

We can’t do it alone! Throughout the years, we have created a premium network of vendors. We’ve put in the time and effort to vet highly qualified team members that will deliver masterfully planned events without fail.

Design Expertise

We have spent years honing in on our craft. Design is second nature to us. We create a unique, cohesive look that functions for your event and aligns with your vision.


With a comprehensive timeline in hand, your day will be flawlessly executed by our trained and professional team.

Imoni made our wedding dreams come true!

Where to begin with how special Imoni made our planning journey and wedding day? The beginning is always a great place to start.
From the initial meeting we had, we felt completely taken care of and at home. I don’t think we signed on a dotted line before we went into full on ideaing and brainstorming mode. It was a no brainer decision from the get-go. Our main characteristics that we were looking for in a wedding a planner were someone who was fun (very important with our families!), didn’t sweat the small stuff, wouldn’t be afraid to tell us there might be a better way to do something, and most of all someone who got our “vibe.” You might say we’re not 100% traditional, but not once did they present us with something that would help us “fit the mold.” They understood our vision from the start and helped us bring our unique vision to life. Of course with planning any wedding comes juggling various opinions and wants/needs. Theyr did an unbelievable job in presenting options at every touch point along the way that would appeal to all decision makers when it came to budget and aesthetic. They also helped us pick vendors who would not only do a kick ass job (pardon our French), but vendors who would seamlessly fit into the entire process. Did we also mention they handled ALL the communication between the vendors throughout the 14 months of planning? I’m not sure what percentage of people would look back on their wedding planning journey and say it was fun, but we undoubtedly can. One of our favorite parts of our day and night were those small moments where our paths crossed with the Imoni team and we all could take a moment to look around and celebrate how amazingly everything came together. We couldn’t recommend Imoni more when choosing a wedding planner. 
Not only will you have the wedding of your dreams - but you’ll have a party of a time planning it.

Jess & Connor

The Best Decision We Ever Made!!

Where to begin with how special Imoni made our planning journey and wedding day? The beginning is always a great place to start.
Imoni is the team to hire for your wedding day hands down! My husband, family and I cannot say better things about their team. From start to finish everything was a breeze. They made the process very easy, organized, exciting, and took the stress off our plate. Not only did they help us with every little step leading up to the wedding (picking vendors, developing the design, budgeting, etc), but when it came to the day of, we were so relaxed because we knew we could count on Imoni Events everything. And let me tell you it turned out AMAZING! My husband and I were in shock of how beautiful everything came together. If you can do one thing for your wedding, hire Imoni- simply the best decision we ever made!!!

Lexi & Bryson

Professional, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable

Imoni Events is hands down the best wedding planners in the business! They will make your wedding planning process so easy, seamless and enjoyable! They are very professional, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable! I could not recommend them enough!!

Monroe & Josh

Details on the Daily

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