And if those statements ring true, wedding planning should be as well. It is so important to enjoy the entire process of planning so that you can truly arrive at the conclusion of your day and have no regrets. Lucky for you, masterfully organizing and executing ideas came to me when I was a kid.  

As a toddler I used to organize my toys by height, color, and size. When I was four I had created an obstacle course in the snow for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy one wintery weekend. And when I was five I, apparently, controlled the playground. Everyone was given instructions as to what they could play on, for how long, and where they would go next when everyone on the playground would rotate. The hilarious part was, all the “big kids” listened.

Well, I'm not a kid anymore, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that wedding planning was meant for me. It is what I am good at. And I enjoy every second of it. Helping make memorable moments happen. Allowing for people to escape, if only just for a day, to laugh, to dance, to dress up, and to spend time with the ones they care about the most. To celebrate an important milestone in ones life! This is why we are. This is why we help. This is why we can promise you that our skills and abilities will allow for you to relax, enjoy and just be.  

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It is our belief that weddings should be:


Thank you again for making everything feel so perfect... I could not imagine going through this process with anyone else. I know it was not easy and I am so thankful to you for making our day one we will never forgot. My parents, myself and Patrick's parents have received so many notes about how amazing the night was and I have to say, you played out my vision exactly like I dreamed. You did not miss a detail!

Ali & Patrick

Jenni is not only an outstanding wedding planner but an incredible person and friend! She went above and beyond to make our day feel very special. Her creativity and ability to bring our dreams to a reality are just a few of the many talents she possesses! Jenni is there by your side every step of the way and always willing to go the extra mile. Her beauty shines through the work she creates and we feel very blessed to have her in our life!

Andrea & Cody

Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make our wedding so special for us! We feel so blessed and lucky to have had you help plan and coordinate our wedding. We really appreciate all the work you did to make our day perfect. We were so happy with how everything turned out.

Paige and Justin

The day of our wedding was so seamless, it couldn't have gone better! I was relaxed and had a good stress, no rushing, no worries! She and her team managed the day flawlessly from beginning to end. We basically felt like guests at our own wedding... that is how magically the day went. We even returned to a beautiful, romantically decorated suite -- such a nice and unexpected touch that really capped off the

Cindy and Charles


and the amazing team of