Themed Weddings: Trend Alert!

Weddings today are all about style.  So when brides and grooms ask what the overall theme is for their wedding is, I generally would have cringed.  I believe weddings should be classic events that stand the test of time, the word “theme” just gives me the willies.   However, the last few years have really transformed the way weddings are viewed and handled in regards to themes.  People like the idea of a theme, but not the saying your vows while sky diving, or getting married in a bikini type themes.  And it certainly doesn’t mean the entire wedding is one particular shade of purple, or pink, or green.  No siree, gone are the days of dye-ables and kitschy ideas.  Themes these days are about the couple’s personality and their overall style, fashion, decor, and whatnot.  No mater the theme, vintage (still uber popular), modern, old Hollywood glam, 1920’s art deco, classic elegance, western -the list could go on- weddings these days are styled from the invitation to the last dance with this theme in mind.  When you approach your wedding this way, you have the opportunity to include little personal touches in a way that they do not feel out of place.  It gives brides and grooms the freedom to include aspects their personality and can tell the story of their relationship in ways that were otherwise narrowed before.  And it is not just limited to the wedding day.  Many couples these days are styling their engagement shoots with these themes in mind too.  So as long as the overall “idea” is there, it doesn’t matter hat you do for your theme.  You just have to make it about you, what you like, and what the two of you want to remember years from now.  Themes give you the ability to style your special day creatively, beautifully, and that is something that this classic gal can live with!!

Here are some examples of really great “themes”.

Fourth of July e-session from Elizabeth Anne Designs.


Or this summery bridal shower inspiration from The Bride’s Cafe.


Or this lovely Monet inspired wedding from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

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