Tis the season for celebrating all that happened last year and looking forward to the new adventures of the next. I wish you all a happy, safe night. And here’s to a wonderful 2009! Love, Jenni

Every Fall I get to December and think, where did the time go? With a wedding virtually every weekend starting in September, I am lucky to still have my head attached at the end of the day, much less keep up on the blog. So I wanted to return to a day that was very […]

I got this information in an email and I am very happy to pass it on. I sent as many as I could and will do more tonight while I watch TV. It is the least we can do. Please pass it along to anyone you think might value it. Thanks! Something cool that Xerox […]

Well it is that time of year again…holiday cards. And as if I had nothing better to do, I sit back every year and watch as my Christmas card list grows exponentially. So this year I decided I was going to find the cutest darn photo card, buy in bulk, and call it a day. […]

I am still fuming! Tonight as I drove home from watching my husband’s band play their last run of their show before I see them again at the football game this Friday, I was happy. It is Labor Day, I am finally feeling better (since I had been sick all weekend) my husband had the […]