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As we move into spring I cannot HELP but miss some of our fall couples.  Ali and Joel, two love birds who met in college, were married at El Chorro in October.  Their wedding was a perfect representation of last year’s Pantone color of the year and we just loved the love, joy and excitement […]

Julie and Bret are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met.  There Desert Botanical Gardens wedding was just as sweet.  With natural, organic florals from Carte Blanche and overall gentle Southwestern feel, this wedding will forever bring a smile to my face.  Check out the awesome pictures from Ryan Nicole and enjoy this […]

It’s always the hardest to say goodbye to a couple after months, even years, of planning with them. You feel like you are best friends, and wish you could call them up for a good laugh on a random Tuesday night. If we could hang out with Jackie and Anthony every weekend, we would eventually […]

Nicole and Trevor have the best energy!  They are the kind of couple that you meet and just want to hang around with all day.  Nicole and her tiny little athletic nature just makes you want to “bo-bop” your way through life.  Taking in the air and making the most of things.  And Trevor is so […]

A couple of years ago someone told me about a quaint little blog called Magnolia Rouge.  With it’s dreamy styling and whimsical nature, they thought it was a blog that I would really enjoy.  And boy were they right!  I have fallen in love…  madly and completely!  So to see Jared and Jordan’s wedding on […]