Keith is just AMAZING!  What can I say?  I just sigh every time I see one of his images.  So if you need pictures taken, this is the way to do it.  There is no session fee.  You just pay for the pictures you want.  Like I said, it is a great deal!  Call him, […]

The past few months I have been thinking of a way that Josh and I, along with our daughter (and future Thye kiddos for that matter) could help the community we live in on an annual basis.  I toyed around with a couple of ideas until the past week something hit me.  I heard about […]

Simply Cinema has just launched. It might just be what you are looking for. Simply Cinema is simplified Videography for the budget minded bride. Here’s the skinny on how we came up with the concept. Let’s start with a little family history…. Simply Cinema is the cute baby sister of Serendipity Videography. It all started […]

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We are an award winning boutique planning company